Madie + Austin | Mountain Magic, Portland OR

These two engaged lovers are from Virginia and went to same university as I, and yet we never met until here in Portland, Oregon where they now live! How fun right?! These two are southerners are heart, but now find themselves adapting to life on the West coast and loving it. Even though Madie misses her grits more than anything (southerners truly do make the best grits you’ll ever have). Austin was nervous going into the shoot, and we learned that up until this day he had NEVER rolled his pants up, and he felt very ‘hipster’ and Portland, Madie LOVED the look and most likely will start styling him like this from now on HAHA. But a few short minutes into the shoot and Austin was running around loving it, throwing Madie over his shoulders and enjoying himself to where you could not even tell he once was nervous about any of it! We traveled out to the Columbia river gorge and loved the grey skies and clouds, but some magic happened when the sun peeked out for about 20 minutes as we were at the top of our miniature climb to Government Cove.

Cascade Mountain Lovers | Washington Cascades

I was lucky enough to spend a week out in the Cascade Mountains of Washington and attend Alpine Northwest Workshop. HOLY FRICKIN COW. It was the best week of my life, and during that week I got to spend a lot of time with this beautiful couple. They met young, got married young, had kids young, and yet the fire between them is still hot as ever. These two were so natural at loving one another and being cute and cuddly while also being serious and sexy. They are also wedding photographers (follow them at @thejohnsonsphoto) and they are some of the sweetest humans i have ever met. They talked for hours with me about traveling all over the world, and raising babies while being wedding photographers, and also of course, about tattoos. scroll down to see some of the gorgeous photos of this couple in such a jaw dropping location.