Deidre + Jon | Rocky Mountain National Park

Who says a few extra feet of snow and half of the national park closed down is a bad thing? That did not stop us! These sweet friends from the East coast met up with me in colorado to explore the beautiful mountains and wildflowers of the Rocky Mountain national park. We saw too many deer to count, some of which got up close and personal with us along with a few mooses (meese?! who knows HAHA) that may or may not have scared us straight. We also did not realize just how much snow we would encounter, as right outside the park it was somewhat sunny and in the 60's.... so we ended up stomping around in snow in birkenstocks and sandals and dresses. oh well, it was so worth it!

Laura and Jake | Carkeek Park, WA

When a painter and a pilates instructor get married it seriously makes for the best couple EVER! These two have been married over 3 years now and together for 13. WHAT!!! true love and amazing relationships do exist you guys (hope for all my single peeps!!) These two met me up at Carkeek Park in Seattle, Wa and explored on the beach with me, we saw a few spitting oysters (there's a name for them.. but i forgot it already, oh well, they were really cool) saw some children running around wild and free and laughed til we were all snorting, not just me! Then we headed over and explored in the woods, climbed some trees, walked across some roaring rivers on fallen trees (jk, they were more like creeks hehe) and made some magic. It was a cloudy day and while we were frolicking in the forest the sun decided to peep through the trees and give us the most beautiful glow of green and yellow. I was mesmerized. Anyway, enough about the beautiful nature that still has me speechless, scroll down to see the magic of these two. Also can we talk about hair goals for a second?! (not even fair to the rest of us)... anyways scroll down for hair envy, outfit inspiration and magic between two humans who love each other more than anyone.