Sarah and Zac | Atlanta, Ga

What better way to celebrate beautiful weather than dancing around in a beautiful Sweet Caroline's dress in an abandoned greenhouse! These two love birds danced, played, giggled and kissed their way around the greenhouse without a care in the world. I honestly do not have many words to describe how perfect this day was, so rather than trying to describe it I am just going to let you scroll and see for yourself!

Laura and Jake | Carkeek Park, WA

When a painter and a pilates instructor get married it seriously makes for the best couple EVER! These two have been married over 3 years now and together for 13. WHAT!!! true love and amazing relationships do exist you guys (hope for all my single peeps!!) These two met me up at Carkeek Park in Seattle, Wa and explored on the beach with me, we saw a few spitting oysters (there's a name for them.. but i forgot it already, oh well, they were really cool) saw some children running around wild and free and laughed til we were all snorting, not just me! Then we headed over and explored in the woods, climbed some trees, walked across some roaring rivers on fallen trees (jk, they were more like creeks hehe) and made some magic. It was a cloudy day and while we were frolicking in the forest the sun decided to peep through the trees and give us the most beautiful glow of green and yellow. I was mesmerized. Anyway, enough about the beautiful nature that still has me speechless, scroll down to see the magic of these two. Also can we talk about hair goals for a second?! (not even fair to the rest of us)... anyways scroll down for hair envy, outfit inspiration and magic between two humans who love each other more than anyone. 

Steph & David | Tallahassee, Fl

Boozy popsicles, beautiful green woods, a dip in the lake, what more could you ask for? Stephanie and David are for sure your typical adventurous couple who simply go with the flow. I got to spend the afternoon with these two adventuring out their sweet home, stopping wherever we saw we liked, which led us to an abandoned series of warehouses with a TON of graffiti that gave us ALL of the Wes Anderson vibes (could it get any better?!). And then we ended up getting some nitro cold brew coffee and boozy popsicles (well steph and I did, david left his wallet at the house and they actually carded us HAHA). After getting some yummy stuff in our tummies we found ourselves exploring in the woods and then putting on swimsuits and exploring a nearby lake (water was a little freezing, but it was 80+ degrees so we didn't mind at all). Let me just say you do not want to miss this engagement session!

Anna and Jonathan | Charleston, Sc

An american woman and a Scottish man, need I say more?! These two woke up at the butt of dawn to watch the sunrise with me (I third wheel hard core HA) luckily they let me bring along my camera on the date! We ran around, got a little too cold when the waves attacked us (don't worry we won that battle). We laughed until our bellies hurt, we talked to some random people passing by, and we had a morning that made the ugly time of day (i HATE mornings) 100% totally worth it. You do not want to miss the crazy skies that this session has!

Anna and Corey | Charleston, Sc

These two taco loving, beer drinking, healthy living people braved the cold and the winds to have some fun splashing in the ocean of Folly beach, Sc. Nothing could have stopped these two from making the most out of their shoot. It was maybe 50 degrees outside, and the water even colder than that, and it did not stop them! Scroll down to get a glimpse of the magic that was made with these two!

Week in Palm Springs, Ca

Instagram, the app we all have a love and hate relationship with. I love it for the simple reasons of friendships. If it were not for the app I would not have met the big group of people I got to spend a week in Palm Springs, California with. We had a group of about 16 photographers all meet up in Palm Springs and stay at a house, where we got to relax, stress free from the work zone, take pictures of hot couples for fun and play, rather than just for work, and where we laughed til we cried. We had a drag show one night, which let me tell you, is an experience EVERYONE needs to have. We all got our butt’s kicked in a game of King’s cup one night, and one night we explored Joshua Tree National Park until the sun went down. This is where I learned that everything is Joshua Tree is sharp, even the things that look soft, will stick and poke you and make you bleed, but it is one of the MOST beautiful places I have ever seen. Here is a compilation of some of my favorite photos from the week in palm springs! The photos of me and viet were taken by the amazing @nickplusdanee and the underwater photo of myself was taken by the ever so beautiful and talented @shanstclair

Madie + Austin | Mountain Magic, Portland OR

These two engaged lovers are from Virginia and went to same university as I, and yet we never met until here in Portland, Oregon where they now live! How fun right?! These two are southerners are heart, but now find themselves adapting to life on the West coast and loving it. Even though Madie misses her grits more than anything (southerners truly do make the best grits you’ll ever have). Austin was nervous going into the shoot, and we learned that up until this day he had NEVER rolled his pants up, and he felt very ‘hipster’ and Portland, Madie LOVED the look and most likely will start styling him like this from now on HAHA. But a few short minutes into the shoot and Austin was running around loving it, throwing Madie over his shoulders and enjoying himself to where you could not even tell he once was nervous about any of it! We traveled out to the Columbia river gorge and loved the grey skies and clouds, but some magic happened when the sun peeked out for about 20 minutes as we were at the top of our miniature climb to Government Cove.

Ashlee and Devin | sunrise loving, coffee drinking hippies

I have known Ashlee for a long time (over Instagram) and we finally met in person at the one-day workshop we both attended and instantly I felt like I had truly known her forever. So of course, we hopped in the car after the workshop and went to a Portland brewery with her husband (or should I say husbabe?!) we talked the night away, and learned that Devin has some really cool (mostly weird) conspiracy theories, and that he can talk about big foot for HOURS (not a joke people, not a joke- you were warned here first). Ashlee and Devin dream big, and soon hopefully will be making the move out to the west coast, but for now these two are tucked away in the sweet state of Idaho. Ashlee likes her espresso to have some sweet flavors in it, and is also not the best person to have on your trivia team (but neither am I HAHA). She also loves her space at night and is not afraid to just shove Devin over and maybe even off the bed. These two embraced the foggy sunrise with me, and ran around and got belly aches of laughter. Devin shocked us with being the one to want the ‘serious/model’ photos while Ashlee wanted to end the shoot laying down in the wet grass with dried little flowers. It was 100% perks of being a wallflower vibes and I was not complaining.

Woodland Dreams come true

This georgia gal has grown up with woods being your typical small trees, every now and then moss on the ground, and wildlife being few and far between. So when I got to travel to Portland, Oregon for a one day workshop with Dawn (@dawn_photo) and Kara (@karraleighphoto) all of my woodland dreams came true. We spent the day chatting away and learning about the business side to this thing we do, and then we put all of our skills to work and spent a few hours wandering in the woods with these two beautiful humans.  The dresses were Free people and Claire La Faye, flowers were done by Brier and Ivy and the styling was done by Mae and Co creative and Brier and Ivy as well. This was an absolute dream team and a dream shoot for this southern girl. Scroll through and enjoy all of the magic that was made on this rainy oregon day!

Bus renovating, road trip loving, dog owners | Salt Lake City, Utah

These two met on a road trip for photographers and now road trip together with their sweet little pup who sort of looks like the footstool from Beauty and the Beast. They bought a bus shortly after getting married and are still fully renovating it into their dream bus. You can actually follow their bus at @sasquatchthebus on instagram (you will not regret it)! These two still choose lunchables for picnic dates, are not afraid to get the bus stuck in some mud, love cuddles, and are root beer bottle snobs (the artwork needs to be nice and clean yet fun for these two!! HAHA). But they are also are two of the friendliest and most inviting people I have ever met. Callie and David had India and I feeling like we were all four besties in minutes. As soon as I heard david jamming to Rainbow Kitten Surprise, I knew i liked them. It was only fitting we had their little loaf of bread doggy and their bus in the shoot, so scroll down and enjoy a look into the crazy fun, beautiful life of david and callie. 

Cascade Mountain Lovers | Washington Cascades

I was lucky enough to spend a week out in the Cascade Mountains of Washington and attend Alpine Northwest Workshop. HOLY FRICKIN COW. It was the best week of my life, and during that week I got to spend a lot of time with this beautiful couple. They met young, got married young, had kids young, and yet the fire between them is still hot as ever. These two were so natural at loving one another and being cute and cuddly while also being serious and sexy. They are also wedding photographers (follow them at @thejohnsonsphoto) and they are some of the sweetest humans i have ever met. They talked for hours with me about traveling all over the world, and raising babies while being wedding photographers, and also of course, about tattoos. scroll down to see some of the gorgeous photos of this couple in such a jaw dropping location. 

Surprise Proposal I Kelly Jo + Justin

So here is a little story for all of you sappy lovers out there! 

I have the honor of working with this sweet girl, Kelly Jo, and I have been dying to do photos of her and her boyfriend but I ALWAYS ask her when I get to do their engagement photos, and EVERY time she would answer "It will be a while before that happens". Well about two weeks ago we planned to do a shoot for her and her boyfriend on Sunday, so she bought a new dress and decided to make the most of it! 

Well I pull into her driveway and am greeted by her mother and her brother who told me that Justin was actually proposing during the photos and wanted me to know so that I could find the perfect location! Well luckily, when I met up with Kelly Jo and Justin, Kelly jo had to go put her horse in a different field and it gave Justin and I time to strategize! So we planned and came up with the idea of finding the perfect spot and then having them dance, and when he spun her around he would be down on one knee!

So a while into exploring and shooting, we came into this huge open beautiful field, and I just knew it was perfect, so I had them dance, and a few spins into it he drops to one knee, and Kelly Jo thought it was a joke! Her first words being "are you serious?! Is this a joke?!" and then an immediate YES followed by tackling him on the ground with hugs! 

Wanna know the funniest part? Earlier that day Kelly Jo told her mom that she was gonna make Justin FAKE propose to throw everyone off! Needless to say the rest of the day Kelly Jo was nothing but jumps and smiles and staring down at her beautiful new ring. 

Now ready for a tear jerker?! After putting the ring on, he told her to take it off and look inside of it! Her mother who engraves things, had engraved a heart and their initials into the band of the ring and tears came into Kelly Jo's eyes. I was already crying by this point, but this did it for me. The tears were full on. 

I am so unbelievably happy for these two and am so beyond thankful I was able to capture this special moment for them! Scroll through to see the events that took place on their big day! 

Smokin' Bridal Portraits

Who says you only get to wear your wedding dress once in your life? That's no fun! These two dressed up in their wedding attire all over again so that they could get a few more bridal portraits together! We decided since it was round 2 for them, why not change it up a little and bring some fun into it? So we hopped on the smoke bomb train and brought them into our shoot! I designed a floral bouquet for her and we just let it all come together on its own! The amazing fur coat she is wearing was her great grandmother's coat, how sweet is that?!

These two represent gentle love at its best. Their smiles are genuine, their laughs are real, and their love is outstanding, and on fire, just like these smoke bombs! Click through to see favorites from this shoot!

Alexis + Jasen | Couples

Who knew a social media app such as Instagram could connect you with such cool people?! 

I was on the search for a couple in Portland, Oregon to shoot with for my upcoming trip out there and I somehow stumbled upon Alexis on instagram, so of course I reached out! Turns out her and her fiance had recently moved to Georgia. well, guess what?! They just so happened to have moved to my hometown in Georgia! So of course we set up a shoot for over Thanksgiving break.

We started the afternoon off with some fresh made french press coffee by Jasen himself, followed by some of their favorite red wine! We laughed and hung out in the kitchen, just doing what they do every morning! We then put on some different clothes and headed out to dodge some cows and find an opening in her dad's field out back to enjoy the sun for a little while! 

These two have a vibrant love like no other! It is obvious they truly are meant to be together and care like no other, they also are two of the realist people you will ever meet and down to earth in every way! 

Foggy mountain lovers

Have you ever seen a more photogenic couple?! Connor and Bailey are the power couple we all want to be! These two have style like no other, rocking leather jackets, dark lipstick, and these freaking amazing hair styles! Who else can pull off looks like these? We planned a shoot to an overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and had to reschedule once already due to rain, so we decided we were gonna brave the rain this morning and go for it anyway! It ended up looking like something straight from Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings. 

These two were so comfortable in front of the camera and were not afraid to just cuddle up together and act like I was not even there! But of course, we had some good laughs as well! At one point Connor was dipping Bailey on top of these wet rocks, and her foot slipped and they both went down and we could not stop laughing! Luckily, we had more laughter from it than injuries, other than a few scratches, we were good to go on! 

Enjoy these beautiful humans and their beautiful foggy mountain love :)

Madison + Caleb | Couples

These two are two of the most beautiful people you will ever meet! They love each other so naturally and fiercely and it overflows from their smiles and laughter when they are together. They both rock climb and boulder and all things outdoors and so of course a shoot outdoors on a lake was perfect for them!

These two have been dating for almost 2 years now and when Caleb first asked Madi on a date to go climbing she bailed and told him her back was hurting, and now 2 years later here they are climbing together and enjoying life as it comes to them!  It was also their sweet puppy, Boba's first birthday so of course we brought her to play alongside of us! And of course we ended the shoot with slipping into some swimsuits and jumping into the lake! 

Enjoy :)

Love in an Apple Orchard

The leaves here in Virginia started to change color and weather got a little bit cooler this week, so my dear friends Becca and Connor adventured into a near Apple Orchard for the day. We danced, we laughed, we ran through fields, and we looked at beautiful pumpkins growing all over the place! The apples here were some of the most delicious apples I have ever eaten. These two have a love that radiates everywhere they go and their smiles are never fake and the laughs always end in belly aches! We ended the night watching the sun set over the valley in Madison Heights, Virginia

Lauren + Daniel

It is always a good time capturing couples who are in love, but it is especially a good time when they happen to be some of your closest friends from the amazing city of Charleston, SC! 

Lauren and Daniel are two of the most genuine people you will ever met, and I had the pleasure of living with Lauren during my two years living in Charleston. They do not have to fake those smiles, or pretend to look truly in love, because they genuinely are that in love with one another. Splashing around in the waves, dancing in the water, running around all was natural and fun for these guys! 

We enjoyed a sunset on the beach and got to splash around with my puppy as well! It is always a good time when your couple is adventurous and willing to get wet! I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do!