Haley + Devin | Mt. Ranier

These two.. oh man, what can I say?! Would you believe these two are parents?? No? Me either, because they seriously do not look a day over 25 and are the MOST FUN loving, inspiring people you will ever meet. With a mutual love for dogs, traveling, and excitement about pretty much all things food, we spent the day exploring Mt. Ranier... well the afternoon hehe. We may or may not have forgotten to look at gas, and may or may not have almost ran out of gas. But if you ask me, it was well worth it in order to get these photos. 

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Connor + Becca surprise proposal | virginia

Weeks before this I convinced Becca that I needed her to model for me for a shoot for Free People and a few other brands and that we would be doing a series of locations. Well we went downtown in outfit number 1 (which was this cute jumpsuit) but then she changed into this gorgeous yellow floral maxi dress (actually from target hehe - should be sponsored by target with my closet) and we went to this spot by our old house (she was my old roommate) that we call the secret spot and we began some sunset photos. With a bottle of sparkling grape juice (that we failed to pop) and some beautiful mountain filled skies, we danced around and took some pictures of the beauty herself. While I had her at the bottom of the board walk, her boyfriend, who had been living in Nashville, TN all summer, who was supposed to arrive to town the next day, walked up. She fell in tears and excitement and shock. He got down on one knee and asked her to be his permanent best friend and she immediately squealed and squeaked (and a few other noises i am not sure what they were) and yelled YES! And the rest was history. I promise you will fall in love with these like the two who fell in love in the photos. 

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Lauren + Andrew | In home

Newlyweds who just moved to Nashville who happen to have the cutest apartment and puppers in town, do not mind if I do!! These two fashionistas and music lovers, danced around their new apartment, snuggled and loved one each other all while trying to entertain two pups that just wanted to play fetch. The two lovers happen to be creatives theirselves and so it made it all the more fun to hang out and play around with music and posing in such a fun environment!

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Taylor + Alex | Garden of the Gods, Co

when your instagram friends become your real life friends!! I mean c'mon, what could be better! These two are honestly the ultimate MARRIAGE GOALS. They never stop laughing, adventuring, or just being kids together and it  put the biggest smile on my face to see it in real life. Instagram can sometimes be a real bad perception on reality, but let me tell you if you have EVER seen that happy couple on instagram, that look so madly in love, and they are TRULY that way in person, well yeah that is taylor and her hubs, alex, for ya!! scroll through and see for yourself!

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Chanel + Stetson Intimate elopement | Colorado

With bare feet and wind blown curls, these two read vows that were nothing short of tear jerkers. Promising to laugh forever and love til it hurts, these two could not help but laugh and cry all the way through the vows. With the paint mines outside of Colorado springs to ourselves, we adventure with our bare feet and did some rock climbing. The moon decided to shine ever so bright against the perfect blue skies, so we ran wild and free to celebrate the love of these two newlyweds. 

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Nikki + Cedric Wedding

These two.. where do I begin? Their day was nothing short of magical. With all the desserts you could ever imagine, all the friends you could imagine, and all the beauty of nature, flowers, trees, and tears from the first look, their day was every bit of perfection. Cedric nor her dad could hold back the tears during their first looks with Nikki. And all the two could do was dance and jump of excitement because after over 4 years of being together, they were finally married. With their loved ones by their sides, we listened to stories of the two, and how all their friends admired their relationship and how they knew it was an example of a proper dating relationship, none of us could not cry. To top it off, we got to see the most beautiful sunset, and despite all the wind, and some rain, with a little bit of troubles (i mean ya know..) we got the lantern lit and watched it fly away just the three of us (i am always with you ;)).. okay we watched it struggle because of the wind, but it eventually blew away. I promise you want to see these photos, esepcially keep an eye out for the bridal party, they were a FUN and goofy one!!

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Nicole + Pawel | Iceland Plane Wreck

wind blown hair, frozen fingertips and noses, avoiding the tourist in bulk, and yelling 'we're soaring, flying' from high school musical at the top of our (mainly mine) lungs, is definitely the best way to spend a rainy and gloomy day in Iceland. But let me tell you, the walk to this plane wreck feels A LOTTTTT longer than it really is, especially when the wind is a million times stronger than you are. But these two were troopers and made all of my sky high dreams come true!

Elizabeth + Will Wedding | Virginia

Elizabeth and Will spent their special day with their closest friends and family in their home church (actually the first people to EVER dance in this church building!!! You know how baptist are ;) AHHA JK) Their friends tore it up on the dance floor, their parents as well, their cousins sang special songs for them to dance to, and the three sisters gave a speech, well, will can never forget it. This day was nothing short of perfect for these two, and man oh man, I am so glad I was able to be a part of it. 

Christina + Trenton | Charlottesville, Va

These two are slowly making their way from Virginia all the way to Phoenix, Arizona to start a new life down there in the hot beautiful state. We wanted to do a fun goodbye to Virginia shoot, and since these two are nothing but giggles and smiles and fun around one another, we decided to embrace that and have fun with the shoot. so of course, floaties, rope swings and a swimming hole all to ourselves made the most sense! I promise you these photos will put you in all your summer feels. 

Kevin + Mike | Charlotte, NC

Years of wrong relationships and wondering why, until they met one another. Kevin and Mike are two of the most AMAZING men I have ever met in my life. These two honestly were made for one another. Kevin was my FIRST ever friend at college in Charleston, Sc and I called him cheese head for the longest time because he was from wisconsin (what was I thinking?!). When he first introduced me to Mike, it was on a date night, and these two had bought each other three ingredients and then had to make a meal for one another using those three ingredients. I knew right then and there they were made for one another. Before Mike left for basic training we did a sweet in home session for them to have while being away from one another. you cannot be in the same room with them without smiling and seeing what it looks like to truly love one another for who they truly are. So we combined all of their favorite things, dancing with records, snuggles on the bed, and bubble baths with wine to create the perfect shoot for these two. 

Rebekka + Steinar | Iceland

You know those photos you see all over instagram that look COMPLETELY fake in every way possible from overseas?! Yeah ... same .. well I am here to tell you they are not fake, and places like that do truly exist!! One of those places is this magical waterfall in Iceland, that also happens to be one of the MOST crowded tourist destinations in Iceland, and guess what?! We had it almost completely to ourselves because these two were brave enough to hang out in the rain and wind. I promise you will not want to stop scrolling for these!

Deidre + Jon | Rocky Mountain National Park

Who says a few extra feet of snow and half of the national park closed down is a bad thing? That did not stop us! These sweet friends from the East coast met up with me in colorado to explore the beautiful mountains and wildflowers of the Rocky Mountain national park. We saw too many deer to count, some of which got up close and personal with us along with a few mooses (meese?! who knows HAHA) that may or may not have scared us straight. We also did not realize just how much snow we would encounter, as right outside the park it was somewhat sunny and in the 60's.... so we ended up stomping around in snow in birkenstocks and sandals and dresses. oh well, it was so worth it!

BreeAnna + Jake | Washington Elopement

Ever wonder why the woods and forest are so quiet? It is definitely not because of these two. Nothing but joy and giggles and love from these two young lovers. We spent the afternoon frolicking through the woods until we found the perfect spot. With the help of my dear friend Viet @rainandpines, who did all the styling and rentals for this shoot, and the lovely Rue De Seine Dress this day was absolutely perfect!

Sarah and Zac | Atlanta, Ga

What better way to celebrate beautiful weather than dancing around in a beautiful Sweet Caroline's dress in an abandoned greenhouse! These two love birds danced, played, giggled and kissed their way around the greenhouse without a care in the world. I honestly do not have many words to describe how perfect this day was, so rather than trying to describe it I am just going to let you scroll and see for yourself!

Laura and Jake | Carkeek Park, WA

When a painter and a pilates instructor get married it seriously makes for the best couple EVER! These two have been married over 3 years now and together for 13. WHAT!!! true love and amazing relationships do exist you guys (hope for all my single peeps!!) These two met me up at Carkeek Park in Seattle, Wa and explored on the beach with me, we saw a few spitting oysters (there's a name for them.. but i forgot it already, oh well, they were really cool) saw some children running around wild and free and laughed til we were all snorting, not just me! Then we headed over and explored in the woods, climbed some trees, walked across some roaring rivers on fallen trees (jk, they were more like creeks hehe) and made some magic. It was a cloudy day and while we were frolicking in the forest the sun decided to peep through the trees and give us the most beautiful glow of green and yellow. I was mesmerized. Anyway, enough about the beautiful nature that still has me speechless, scroll down to see the magic of these two. Also can we talk about hair goals for a second?! (not even fair to the rest of us)... anyways scroll down for hair envy, outfit inspiration and magic between two humans who love each other more than anyone. 

Steph & David | Tallahassee, Fl

Boozy popsicles, beautiful green woods, a dip in the lake, what more could you ask for? Stephanie and David are for sure your typical adventurous couple who simply go with the flow. I got to spend the afternoon with these two adventuring out their sweet home, stopping wherever we saw we liked, which led us to an abandoned series of warehouses with a TON of graffiti that gave us ALL of the Wes Anderson vibes (could it get any better?!). And then we ended up getting some nitro cold brew coffee and boozy popsicles (well steph and I did, david left his wallet at the house and they actually carded us HAHA). After getting some yummy stuff in our tummies we found ourselves exploring in the woods and then putting on swimsuits and exploring a nearby lake (water was a little freezing, but it was 80+ degrees so we didn't mind at all). Let me just say you do not want to miss this engagement session!

Anna and Jonathan | Charleston, Sc

An american woman and a Scottish man, need I say more?! These two woke up at the butt of dawn to watch the sunrise with me (I third wheel hard core HA) luckily they let me bring along my camera on the date! We ran around, got a little too cold when the waves attacked us (don't worry we won that battle). We laughed until our bellies hurt, we talked to some random people passing by, and we had a morning that made the ugly time of day (i HATE mornings) 100% totally worth it. You do not want to miss the crazy skies that this session has!

Anna and Corey | Charleston, Sc

These two taco loving, beer drinking, healthy living people braved the cold and the winds to have some fun splashing in the ocean of Folly beach, Sc. Nothing could have stopped these two from making the most out of their shoot. It was maybe 50 degrees outside, and the water even colder than that, and it did not stop them! Scroll down to get a glimpse of the magic that was made with these two!

Week in Palm Springs, Ca

Instagram, the app we all have a love and hate relationship with. I love it for the simple reasons of friendships. If it were not for the app I would not have met the big group of people I got to spend a week in Palm Springs, California with. We had a group of about 16 photographers all meet up in Palm Springs and stay at a house, where we got to relax, stress free from the work zone, take pictures of hot couples for fun and play, rather than just for work, and where we laughed til we cried. We had a drag show one night, which let me tell you, is an experience EVERYONE needs to have. We all got our butt’s kicked in a game of King’s cup one night, and one night we explored Joshua Tree National Park until the sun went down. This is where I learned that everything is Joshua Tree is sharp, even the things that look soft, will stick and poke you and make you bleed, but it is one of the MOST beautiful places I have ever seen. Here is a compilation of some of my favorite photos from the week in palm springs! The photos of me and viet were taken by the amazing @nickplusdanee and the underwater photo of myself was taken by the ever so beautiful and talented @shanstclair

Madie + Austin | Mountain Magic, Portland OR

These two engaged lovers are from Virginia and went to same university as I, and yet we never met until here in Portland, Oregon where they now live! How fun right?! These two are southerners are heart, but now find themselves adapting to life on the West coast and loving it. Even though Madie misses her grits more than anything (southerners truly do make the best grits you’ll ever have). Austin was nervous going into the shoot, and we learned that up until this day he had NEVER rolled his pants up, and he felt very ‘hipster’ and Portland, Madie LOVED the look and most likely will start styling him like this from now on HAHA. But a few short minutes into the shoot and Austin was running around loving it, throwing Madie over his shoulders and enjoying himself to where you could not even tell he once was nervous about any of it! We traveled out to the Columbia river gorge and loved the grey skies and clouds, but some magic happened when the sun peeked out for about 20 minutes as we were at the top of our miniature climb to Government Cove.