Our Wedding day in Keystone, Colorado | Hailes + Tay

Yo! It’s me Hailes! Thought it was time to share with you guys some details of our wedding, so please excuse me while I ramble!!

Taylor and I met on July 4th 2017, and became besties instantly, even though he friend zoned me HARD (even called me a “sister” once - never thought I could come back from that one!) but here we are, husband and wife! 

We originally had a wedding planning for a backyard lake wedding in Virginia, but due to some different factors, we ended up changing the plans and eloping with our immediate family and what would be our bridal party outside of Keystone, CO at Sapphire Point Overlook!

We knew we wanted intimate, small, fun, quirky and a perfect representation of who we are and what we love, so that is exactly what we did. We incorporated all of our favorite things into one day with all of our favorite people, in one of our favorite places ever. 

We used decorations we had originally had for the “wedding” and packed them up in a suitcase to take to CO, we brought a few rugs, very minimal and laid them down for an ‘aisle’ and that is all we did for the ceremony! We didn’t want to take away from the gorgeous scenery and mountains, because we both feel more at home in the mountains, so we wanted to keep them exactly how they were! Not taking away, only adding a few little details, like our rugs! We had 2 cabins, 1 for the girls and my family and 1 for the guys and Taylors family, his is where we did our ‘reception’! We set up a table, used some plates from world market, and linen napkins from etsy, some gold candle sticks and motives from hobby lobby and some fake air plants to set up the table! We hired a chef, who cooked us and our families, bison and elk burgers, and a whole bunch of sides for dinner and then a cake filled with cookie dough bites and Oreos! We danced the night away with out friends, listened to them tell stories of meeting us and memories of them all with us. We drank champagne, and rum, and watched our families and friends mingle together loving one another. And bringing our two worlds together. 

My florals were from Urban Flora (@urbanflorava) and my dress from Leanne Marshall and Taylor’s suit from Twisted Tailor. We obviously aren’t all about the all white dress and normal suit here in this household. So we took to the day with our maroons and went all with it! I got ready with my sister doing my make up, and a good friend Jody doing my hair, while Taylor huge out with his guys all day just chilling. We had a first look, where tay broke down, I giggled and we shared our personal vows just the two of us! Absolutely one of my favorite parts of the day, and I cannot recommend it enough to tall the brides and grooms (FIRST LOOK FO LIFE) We then just hung out for the next hour, drinking some cocktails and watching our bridal party all mingle and crack jokes, realizing we were finally husband and wife (we legally got married at the court house the day before!) also highly recommend if you are doing a destination elopement or wedding!!! So much easier! We then headed out to our ceremony site, and when we arrived, it was snowing all around us, completely covering the mountains in the background, and with a few prayers we watched the snow go right around our ceremony site and clear up the skies and mountains in perfect time for our ceremony! Our ceremony was short, sweet and to the point, where there were little chipmunks running around all over us and behind us. I even got to hold a few and feed a few, and play with them on my dress!! 

We then headed out for sunset, danced in a field, with the mountains behind us, sun shining through the tree branches, where we kissed, sang, danced, tripped a few too many times, and just basked in the fact we were finally married. 

To then be followed by amazing food, cake, toasts, drinks and dancing, we ended the night perfectly and theres no other way we could have wanted it to happen and go like! Only to be followed by 4 hours of sleep, we woke up the next morning at 4 am and enjoyed the sunrise, the freezing cold blue skies above us, blue mountains glistening as the sun rose up over them. We danced around with leggings under my dress, hands freezing off, breath as thick as clouds in front of us, and it was all 100% worth it and I would do it every day again and again and again if I could. Oh and did I mention we wore socks with each others faces on it?! And we got tattoos of one another initials on our ring fingers days before our ceremony! And my girls held macrame wooden hand painted wreaths rather than flowers and then I wore a hand painted lather jacket of my dreams painted by Kelly Blex (@bashcalligraphy). Oh and also did I mention that instead of holding something blue, I got the words tattooed ‘something blue’ above my knee to have it with me! 

My point in all this, is do not focus on the little details, focus on what makes you two happy and what brings you two together. What do YOU want your wedding day to be about, what do YOU want to focus on, and want to represent on your day? Do you want to focus n the people that you are surrounded by or focus on the little details that at the end of the day, do not matter? YOU DO YOU GLEN CO CO!!

All photo cred goes to the remarkable and amazingly beautiful and talented Laurken Kendall (@laurkenkendall) we seriously could not have imagined our wedding day with any other photographer in the world. She made us feel so comfortable, so loved, so beautiful, she had us constantly laughing, she had me constantly eating and drinking to make sure I wasn’t gonna pass out, and she even gave me all the meds because I had a terrible head cold the day before and morning of our wedding. She seriously treated us like her family, and we still talk to her more often than not. We love her and could no t have done this day without her. 

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