Bus renovating, road trip loving, dog owners | Salt Lake City, Utah

These two met on a road trip for photographers and now road trip together with their sweet little pup who sort of looks like the footstool from Beauty and the Beast. They bought a bus shortly after getting married and are still fully renovating it into their dream bus. You can actually follow their bus at @sasquatchthebus on instagram (you will not regret it)! These two still choose lunchables for picnic dates, are not afraid to get the bus stuck in some mud, love cuddles, and are root beer bottle snobs (the artwork needs to be nice and clean yet fun for these two!! HAHA). But they are also are two of the friendliest and most inviting people I have ever met. Callie and David had India and I feeling like we were all four besties in minutes. As soon as I heard david jamming to Rainbow Kitten Surprise, I knew i liked them. It was only fitting we had their little loaf of bread doggy and their bus in the shoot, so scroll down and enjoy a look into the crazy fun, beautiful life of david and callie.