Here’s to spilling everything I’ve learned and answering every question you have, no matter where you are in your art or business…

As a photographer I’m a firm believer in learning and growing through our lives and our work. I’m also a believer of sharing what you know. My photography mentorship packages are all about spilling everything I’ve learned and answering every question you have, no matter where you are in your art or business. No question is too small or silly. Actually, mentorship is the ideal place to ask those “I should know this, but…” type questions, huh?

Each mentorship session is specifically designed for you and your growth, tailored to your preferred focus and desires.

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first base


 A 3-hour Skype session to go over any questions or topics you have in mind. Before the session, we create an outline with talking points catered to you and your business to guide our conversation. We can be as all-encompassing or as specific as you want, and even screenshare to talk editing. 


second base

Mini Session

 Skype not your thing? If you’re local to VA or willing to travel, we’ll meet in your home or at a coffee shop for a 4-hour Q&A session covering everything you want to know to grow your business and spark your creativity. This can also be divided into a Q&A followed by an editing session, allocating the time however works best for you.



skip right to a home run

Day Session

Trust me, it’s amazing what a day can do. In this day session, we’ll meet up, get to know each other, and cover every photography topic, question, and struggle you’ve got for me. Sessions begin with 2-3 hours of chatting and Q&A, on anything from posting, editing, presets, pricing, to social media and gaining confidence and whatever else crosses your mind.

From there, we’ll combine forces to put together a shoot intended as a portfolio builder and inspiration to you. We’ll spend about two hours behind the camera, shooting a couple together—I’ll shoot and direct, then you’ll shoot on your own—giving us plenty of time to go through the entire process at your own pace. We can talk technique and go over the actual camera settings you’ll use, too.

The day ends with a little food, a little drink, and lots of live editing side by side—complete with my process, my take on your process, and all the tips and tricks I can give you. No holding back!



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Can you think of a better way to immerse yourself in your work and your biz?! Fill out the form below to ask questions, learn more, and book your mentorship today.