One Day Workshop


One Day Workshop


You asked for it so HERE IT IS!!

A One day workshop for those of you on the East Coast or those who want to travel and explore the beauty of the Virginian mountains!

We will be spending the whole day together, beginning with a few ‘lectures’ more like chit chats if you ask me covering the following:

  • social media

  • chatting with clients

  • posing your couples

  • editing

  • back up plans

  • contracts

  • self love and self confidence

and MORE

After this we will have a few hours of open Q&A for you to ask anything and everything we may or may not have covered!

Following this we will all be shooting a styled elopement! This will be a portfolio builder for you and it also will give you a chance to watch how I direct and shoot my couples, and then a chance to do it yourself! You will each be given time with the couple to practice new things, push yourself out of your comfort zone, and get creative, as well as shooting as a group and learning how to work along side other photographers!

Alright, WOO, you made it! So let’s get this thing going!

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Your Instructor!

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YO! It's me, Hailey, but my friends all call me Hailes (meaning so can you!) I am a 22 year old photographer born and raised out of the good ole south of Carrollton, Ga. But I currently live here in Lynchburg, Va where I graduated from College! I have a beautiful (I mean she is stunning) husky wolf pup, who will most likely be at the workshop and most likely modeling with our couple!! 

I find beauty in the quietness and stillness of photos, but also beauty in intimacy. I want to create photos that show couples intimately in love, in a beautiful way, not in a seductive way that our culture frowns upon. I want to go and break the traditions and show couples for who they truly are, not just what instagram wants to see. I strive to let my couples be 100% themselves, and be comfortable, no matter what that means for them!

I love Mcdonald's french fries more than anyone, and taco bell is my late night jam! Car rides full of music and throwback dance parties are how I survive most days. I also will never turn down a spontaneous tattoo or piercing trip. The moments under the stars at night with friends, or watching sunsets on a mountain, or getting lost for hours while driving, are the moments that inspire me and that I live for the most. 

I want to create a safe place for you and your business here at my workshop, allowing you to be open and vulnerable but also open to learning and growth! I want to be a friend and an equal alongside you, as we all have so much to learn and grown constantly!