Mentor Sessions


lets become friends and chat!


We all are constantly learning! It is a part of our job, growth and learning and different seasons. so here is the thing, you cannot compare your own beginning to someone else's end! 

I want to be 100% honest and vulnerable with you, and I do not want to hide anything from you. i want to share everything i know with you and teach you all that i know and all that i can, and also maybe learn a few things from you! 

mentor sessions are a good way to spend one on one time together and being able to cater to your every need and want! I want to make sure you get everything you are looking for and more, which is why i have put together a few different options for mentor sessions! 

each one of these will be designed specifically for you and your wants! We can spend the whole time going over posing or editing or social media or we can go over all the above and more! it is up to you and what you and your business need most from me!


Lets create something that inspires you all over again

Skype Session


This includes 3 hours over skype, to go over any and all of your questions and topics you wish to cover! Before the session we will create questions and topics catered specifically to you and your business to make sure you get the most out of it! 

We can even screen share and go over editing, and presets if you want! You will also get a word document with your questions typed out and an outline I have made for you, to make it easier for you to take notes and so that you can always go back to it! 

In person mini session


This includes 4 hours of Q&A at a local coffee shop or at your home where we can go over anything and everything you need to help grow your business and spark your creativity! 

We can split it up and do 2 hours of questions and talking and 2 hours of editing together, or we can do 3 hours of talking, 1 hour of editing or we can spend all 4 hours talking! It is whatever fits best for your needs for your business!

 Day Session- in person


This includes a full day of you and i hanging out over coffee or food (most likely both). we will begin the day with 2-3 hours of chatting, covering the topics you want to cover and need the most! this can include anything from social media, posing, editing, presets, emails, pricing guides, websites, confidence in your work, you name it, we can cover it! 

we then will put together a shoot (we both will work on it together!) that will be a portfolio builder, but also an inspiration to you! So we will make a shoot that puts you back in your creative field and gets all of your blood flowing of creativity and excitement! We will spend around 2 hours shooting the couple, giving you time to watch me shoot and direct and then time for you on your own! this also allows us plenty of time to stop between everything and chat about posing and practice different techniques and also gives us a chance to talk about actual camera settings!

We then will end the day with some food and drinks and live editing together! i can grab a hold of your presets you use and show you how i would edit with them, and i also can edit using my own presets to show you my process! i will help you edit, and give you all the tips and tricks to help your editing and back up process speed up!

alright you made it! so now lets hang and start planning!

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I don’t even know where to start. Hailey is one of the most understanding, motivating and talented photographers out there. This girl has talent beyond her years and smarts to match it. She listened to everything I wanted to learn and then created a mentoring session to cater to that. The thought and care that she takes to make sure you are learning what you want to learn is incredible. It’s not a bog-standard, impersonal, money-making ploy - it’s genuine, personal, life changing and it was oh so needed.

-sarah ellis