Austin Texas Couples Session | Fareena + Mackenzie

Where do I even begin? I had never been to Austin Texas before, so these two sure as heck made the best host ever! They took me to all the local food trucks, showed me the tourist side but also the local side, ate more tacos, let me snuggle and play with their dogs while I was missing mine, and so much more. Fareena is a photographer herself and so what a freaking honor it was to be able to capture these photos for her and her wife! Mackenzie is an AMAZING chef who literally cooks the craziest things that will blow your mind! Together these two are a force to be reckoned with! They are goofy yet intimate all at the same time, so we tried to just imitate that in their photos, and boy do I think it worked. We drove around Austin and found a spot by the lake close to sunset, where it was just us three and the wind and water, and we danced, laughed, kissed (they did, not me haha) and just hung out as friend while I stalked them with my camera! Enjoy a little piece of my heart while you creep on them as well!

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Hailey Pierce