Shenandoah National Park Elopement | Hannah + Max

Hannah and Max, the sweetest wandering souls ever. With endless stamps in their passports, these two are wandering souls meant to be together, traveling the world together. With laughter filling their bellies, and eyes glistening when they look at one another, I have never seen a more pure love than these two. The way he watched her dance, took photos of her just so he could look at her even longer than in person, they sweetly made all of my dreams come true. Hannah wore the most beautiful, flowy, beaded, gown from Daci Gowns (@dacigowns) and she truly embodied the movement of the dress. Showing off the flowy open sleeves, and the beading on the body of the dress, Hannah danced around like a majestic queen, never feeling more beautiful. Her bouquet made by Santara Mcglynn (@santaraflowers) highlighted the colors of the mountains behind us, and the blues and pinks of the sky above us, Santara truly is a MAGICIAN when it comes to doing florals! These two were up for an adventure, rock climbing so they could sit on the edge and watch the sun go behind the blue ridge mountains, and then dance on top of the rocks. Hannah rocking a floral hat, to add depth and a unique touch, she showed that brides can 100% be a badass as well as a total babe! These two truly embodied the sweetest intimate elopement with just the two of them!