Shenandoah National Park Elopement | Rachel + Race

These two love birds, oh man. Are they dear to my heart. Yes, 100%, I love them so much. So when Dressed by Emmerson sent me this gorgeous unicorn star gown I knew I need Rachel and Race to wear it for me in Shenandoah. Race said I was the only person he would ever do this for, so umm yeah I WIN!!! WE danced around the stormy skies, that matched the blues and golds in the gown beautifully, wearing a gorgeous gold celestial crown she found on Etsy and rocking a gorgeous bouquet by Santara Mcglynn (@santaraflowers) Rachel was nothing short of stunning. With overlooks being crowded, we finally found the perfect remote one, wear they climbed rocks, Rachel rocked her sneakers, not letting anything stop her from jumping rock to rock and climbing up tree trunks! We popped champagne, and may or may not have gotten it all over Race and in his eyes, but its okay cause he just chugged the bottle after, only then to pop a bottle himself and have way too much fun twerking and embracing his inner Beyonce and Shakira while popping the second bottle of champagne! With happy hearts, huge smiles, and beautiful flowers, we embraced the storm clouds, and rain and wind, and danced anyway, only to be greeted by a double rainbow as we were calling it a night. So to say the wait was worth it, is just nothing short of true. It was way more perfect than we could have ever expected and the gown is one of my dreams! It truly is one of the most UNIQUE and beautiful gowns I have ever seen and perfect for all of your boho and celestial/unicorn bride dreams!!