Blue Ridge Parkway Engagement | Leanna + Drew

Why not incorporate every aspect of your relationship and the things you love most, besides your fiancé, in your engagement photos? Cheese lovers, rooftop hangs, summer nights in the river under the blue kissed Virginia mountains and setting sun, is the perfect scenario for these two. Smiles ear to ear, bells full of cheese and pickles (not the good kind the sweet kind) and mini slices of toast, we danced the night away swimming around the river. 

They spend their date nights over movies and cheese boards, so we brought the cheese and crackers and bread and meat with us, our original spot was overgrown and the trail could not be seen, so we walked further found some rocks, fell a few times trying to conquer them, and then enjoyed our cheese with a few rocks up our butts and poking our legs, worth it? yes!

With it already raining, why not jump in the warm water of summer time? So we threw on a dress, a white shirt for Drew (maybe not the smartest decision?? HA) and then we danced and swung around the in the water. Forgetting moss on rocks was slippery, we struggled to get in and to get out of the water, but we did it. They laughed, they danced, they smiled looking back at how they started out as just friends, in the friend zone, and now they are planning their dream wedding, about to begin their life towards forever with one another, a life time full of cheese boards, spontaneous jumps in the river, endless drives through the mountains in the Virginia summer time. Nights like these keep my soul inspired and my heart craving more and more love, more ways to show love, to show the uniqueness of each relationship and the quirkiness everyone has.