Charleston South Carolina Sunset | Kevin + Mike

Have you seen a more attractive duo, I mean trio if you include their dog? Kevin and Mike decided to spend their anniversary, in their favorite spot, doing what they love the most, watching the sunset with their baby boy. So we ran to the beach, chased the sunset, chased a few too many birds while holding their baby on the leash, we got laughed at by strangers when we fell to the ground from being pulled on the leash, and we cried from laughing so hard. Yet, no matter what happened, their love shined brighter than anything. We waited til the sun went down and then we sent off a Chinese lantern for them, to represent their relationship, and all they have gone through to get to where they are today. We played with their pup, kicked sand around (and maybe even some into mike’s eyes- sorry not sorry - worth it for the photos haha) and ended up getting soaked by the waves that took over us. We decided to end the night with champagne back at their house to celebrate them in true Kevin and mike fashion, champagne all over our clothes, in our hair, and chugging from the bottle. 

With a cheese board, champagne, we had full bellies and happy hearts from our evening together. Watching them together, truly reminded me of what love is about, the connection between two people who are willing to do anything for one another, and sacrifice their self for the being and needs of the person they are with, and these two embody that more than anyone I have ever met! So when you need some love inspiration just look at these two and see how their love shines through these photos like you have never seen before. It truly is magical to see the way they look at one another and the smiles from ear to ear.