Shenandoah National Park Engagement | Karleigh + Aaron

So, 100% of the time ALL the time, bring your furr babies to your shoots! Karleigh and Aaron came to Shenandoah national park for their engagement session, and brought their sweet baby piper with them. Half the time piper was begging for attention, and half the time she wanted to do her own thing, so we just kinda worked around her and let her lead the shoot haha! We saw so many baby deer, and were met with the PERFECT weather, giving us a cool breeze, cloudy skies that looked like huge things of cotton candy, and wind blowing the tall grass and wild flowers. We danced around, twerked, Aaron showed us his best girl poses he had been working on, like throwing his hip out and a peace sign in the Air with his mouth wide open smiling, it was great haha and such a good typical girl pose! He nailed it! We fed piper dried bananas, she probably ate a full banana haha and she was THRIVING!! We may or may not have tripped over her leash a few too many times, swatted way too many bugs off of karleigh, the bugs loved her and her alone that night haha, and may or may not have laughed til we almost peed our pants, and it was the best night ever. WE shared stories of what our tattoos meant, day dreamed about their wedding in the fall, tried to teach them how to swing dance, tried to get piper to cuddle with us (yes even I tried! haha) and of course, checked for ticks! We were Lucky enough to not have lotts of people around us, so no one cared when we were sorting from laughing so hard, making fart noises on each others cheeks, and tickling one another but also loving on one another, so we genuinely just goofed off and joked about how the men in our lives loved cuddling, while karleigh and I hate physical touch haha. So that about sums up our night and now you get to relive it through these photos!