Tree House Point Washington State | Natasha + Taylor

Let me just start off by saying, little black dress, is 100% a thing and always should be. Natasha knew the white dress was not her style, so she found the perfect little black dress at Nordstrom and she ROCKED it. With rain in the forecast, and a huge storm the day before, some plans had to be shifted around, but it was still the absolute most perfect day ever. They were more focused on getting to be together with their closest friends and family, that no matter what went wrong, It did not matter. 

With friends and family flying in from Hawaii and Japan and all over the world, it truly was about the people. Since it rained, the outdoor ceremony was a no go, so they decided to just do the ceremony inside the reception hall, with all their guests standing by their side through it rather than sitting behind them! It made it feel so much more intimate, in my opinion, and I loved it. They said their I do’s and then made way to one of the freaking amazing treehouses for champagne and snacks and moments alone before trotting through the woods with their bridal party! Since Taylor was wearing a green suit and everyone else wearing black and green, amongst the beautiful lush ferns and huge trees, their one request was for a twilight style bridal party photo. Sure enough, we got it! With Natasha’s brother even climbing up a tree trunk to make it more dramatic! I think twilight has a new competitor for cover photo!! 

They danced their way around the river bend, kissed in the light rays shining through the huge trees and tree houses, they drank speciality beer their friends saved for them, and they danced the night away. 

This small intimate wedding was the perfect representation, of doing it exactly how you want, because it is the people that matter not the details to them. Their families came together, to decorate and assemble the whole day, saving on money, and the simplicity and minimalism throughout the whole day made it that much more special. All focus was on Natasha + Taylor and their love story. These are moody dreamy wedding photos you do not want to miss!