Ways to wear white on your wedding day

I get it everyone wants that beautiful white dress that society puts a lot of standards around. But, what If I said there were other ways to wear white and look stunning as hell?!

Remember, this is YOUR day, and there is no one telling you what you can and cannot do, ultimately you make the decisions! So, if a dress isn’t for you, or you are having issues finding the perfect one, there are other options out there for you!

There are many traditions on a wedding day, but in this day and age, I feel like the traditions are being more and more looked over and brushed away, so why not do the same thing with the typical wedding dress? I mean, your wedding is supposed to represent YOU, right? So shouldn’t what you wear as well? I myself, didn’t wear a white dress for our wedding day, I actually wore an ivory colored dress that had watercolor painting all over the skirt in pinks, maroons, burnt oranges and it matched perfectly to my husbands maroon suit! So if you are not into white at all, like me and many others, my girl Leanne Marshall is the PERFECT designer for you!

So onto different ways to wear white!

Let’s start with for the ladies who are chic and classy and want to show off their figure a little, while keeping it still totally beautiful, and also want diversity?! Why not rock a form fitting, long sleeve lace jumpsuit! Tight enough to show off your figure, but not too tight that you can’t bust some moves on the dance floor! And with a form fitting jumpsuit like this, who says you can’t make a little tool wrap around skirt and throw it over the waist line to add some flare to it? This one you see below is actually from ASOS and they have SO MANY to choose from! Another place to find gorgeous jumpsuits for brides is BHLDN and David’s bridal! All of these have so many unique and gorgeous jumpsuits for a bride to choose from. So why not throw some spice to your day wearing a gorgeous fitting lace long sleeve jumpsuit?!

So whats another look besides this classic modern fitting jumpsuit? How about the ladies who want to look classy, and formal, in a suit?! Who says women can’t wear suits? You can even make it a little sexier with a low cut blazer or jacket, throw some lace under it, and use your accessories, like Lauren’s fun floral boots from Free People to spice up the outfit even more. I think this suit look from ASOS is so flattering, it’s modern, it’s unique, and challenges all standards and empowers you to show off your femininity while wearing something commonly only thought about for men! So who else would rock such an empowering outfit, be the power house on the wedding day?! Also throw a fun lace shirt under it and be able to break it down on the dance floor in comfty linen pants and a tank because you were able to just take of your blazer! Lightweight, easy to layer, easy to take off on the dance floor, what more could you want in a wedding day outfit?!

So now lets talk for the ladies who want to show off their fun and girly side with some lace that is flowy, flirty and fun, and that shows off a little more skin, and that also has more room to move around in, without showing too much of your figure but still being flattering on your body! There are so many jumpsuit options out there, and not all of them are form fitting and tight and big bold lace prints! Some are flowy, fun and flirty, like this one also from ASOS! While still being unique and different, the top of it has the free flowing lace, over a strapless top, so it gives you the illusion of some wedding dresses, with the neckline of lace, but the sweetheart line of a strapless dress, all in one jumpsuit!

Lastly, we cannot forget about the non traditional white dresses. Who says you can’t shine like a star and be bold and different on your wedding day?! I’d say this starry dream of a dress from ETSY is worth a few people dropping their jaws to the floor! So don’t forget if you want to wear a white dress, you can be bold! You can be different! It doesn’t have to be lace, and formal, or flowing and fun, it can whatever you want it to be! To show some more examples of weird and fun dresses that push the limits, check out these blogs!

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And I want to give a huge THANK YOU to Speakertree In Lynchburg, Virginia for letting us take some of these photos in their shop and Chill City Pops for making the most delicious and refreshing pops that you see in some of these photos with the jumpsuits!