Historic Polegreen Church | Claire + Alex

Before anything, may the fourth be with you, hehe, and fun fact of the day, the historic Polegreen Church is actually where Jason Mraz got married, and may or may not have been a huge decided factor for Claire in where she got married! Traveling from the deep south heart of Tennessee, their friends and family gathered in Virginia for their special day. 

The mornings began with mimosas at the Quirk hotel in Downtown Richmond, and hanging out at the bar in the hotel (what hotel has such an aesthetic bar?! It is so cute!!). Claire and her girls and man of honor spent the morning laughing, drinking mimosas, and sharing memories of them all growing up together since elementary school! While Alex and the guys spent the morning with beers in hand, playing games, goofing off, and preparing their best bud for the day ahead of him!

Let me tell ya this, Alex is a man straight out of peaky blinders, down to the accent and all! We spent the whole time doing his portraits sharing our conspiracies for the Game of Thrones finale, talking star wars (since their wedding was may 4th- may the fourth be with you) and laughing at how much of a southern charm he was, and how he kept saying “mam” and “well I suppose so” and I was geeking out at how southern proper he was. We all decided we didn’t agree on how we though game of thrones would end - and boy were we ALL wrong by so many different levels. 

We then spent the next little time drooling over how beautiful Claire looked, and how excited she was to see Alex for the first time at their ceremony. With emotions flooded and everyone just so hype (some a little tipsy too) we started the ceremony. Let me say, I have seen grooms cry at their brides walking down the aisle, but he tears filling Alex’s eyes and him kneeling over into his hands, not being bale to contain himself as he saw Claire for the first time, made me bawl. It is honestly shocking the photos aren’t blurry, because I could not see A THING with how much I was crying at his reaction! The sweetest ceremony took place, highlighting their long time of dating and long awaiting this day, followed by bubbles to send them off. They then showed everyone all the groomsmen and fathers socks that were of course, star wars socks! And then Claire and Alex made their way to the second church building at Polegreen to have dances and belly ache laughs under the arches on their own time!

They ended the night with dinner and dancing back at the Quirk hotel, where their friends and family danced, laughed and celebrated their new marriage and new family members they just gained! This day was nothing short of love, laughter, maybe a few too many drinks, and just all around beauty in the day!