Shenandoah National Park Elopement | Claire + Nico

You guys, I do not even know where to freaking begin with these two. Can we start with hair and skin and eye and couple goals?! And then can we talk about the fact that out of all the combinations to choose from for their food they chose a big ole pizza and a bottle of wine to split between the two of them! The wind blew us (almost off the cliff) the rain came and went and made it really hard to stay dry, the skirt kept untying, so we all learned quickly how to put it back together haha, jk it was not that bad, but you do not understand how hard it is to make a bow look pretty til your elopement day! They sang and danced together, they ran around, Claire in her Doc Marten boots that look so beautiful with her Sweet Caroline dress. This is an elopement you do not want to miss out on! There is just something so sweet about doing it all YOUR way, your food, your dress, your comfy pair of hiking boots, your slip on shoes with your favorite black skinny pants. The fact you are not worried about your perfect hair and make up, you are in one your favorite spots with your favorite person, celebrating that you are now spending forever and ever together. There is freedom in knowing that you did it the way you wanted to, and did not let anyone else dictate how your day went. I myself, had a destination elopement rather than a wedding, and it seriously was liberating, knowing that it was MY day, and it was exactly US, representing our relationship and our love. This is what it is about, it is about your love, your uniqueness, your relationship, not the show that you put on or the party you throw for people to attend, those are just additive plus. Remember, to make it YOUR day, no matter how quirky or weird it is!