Austin Texas Couples session | Heidi & Patrick

I had the honor of flying down to Austin, Texas to mentor one of my fave ladies, and this sweet amazing couple modeled for us. If you counted their tattoos they had combined, it may be more than there are stars in the sky, and i am 10000% okay and down for that, as we all know I am 1000% addicted to tattoos myself. Anyways, enough about me, these two were immediately giddy and goofy and did not care what we made them do, they let us experiment, they listened to me chat about posing and interacting with clients so I could teach my mentee, and we would look over and they would just be snuggling and making out and we would yell “ STOP AND DO IT AGAIN!!!” or “WHY DO YOU DO IT WHEN OUR CAMERAS ARE TURNED OFF”. It honestly was the perfect day, the perfect sunset, the most freezing cold water, that I almost fell into and almost brought Heidi down with me, and I would not change any of it for the world.