Kevin + Mike | Charlotte, NC

Years of wrong relationships and wondering why, until they met one another. Kevin and Mike are two of the most AMAZING men I have ever met in my life. These two honestly were made for one another. Kevin was my FIRST ever friend at college in Charleston, Sc and I called him cheese head for the longest time because he was from wisconsin (what was I thinking?!). When he first introduced me to Mike, it was on a date night, and these two had bought each other three ingredients and then had to make a meal for one another using those three ingredients. I knew right then and there they were made for one another. Before Mike left for basic training we did a sweet in home session for them to have while being away from one another. you cannot be in the same room with them without smiling and seeing what it looks like to truly love one another for who they truly are. So we combined all of their favorite things, dancing with records, snuggles on the bed, and bubble baths with wine to create the perfect shoot for these two.