Nikki + Cedric Wedding

These two.. where do I begin? Their day was nothing short of magical. With all the desserts you could ever imagine, all the friends you could imagine, and all the beauty of nature, flowers, trees, and tears from the first look, their day was every bit of perfection. Cedric nor her dad could hold back the tears during their first looks with Nikki. And all the two could do was dance and jump of excitement because after over 4 years of being together, they were finally married. With their loved ones by their sides, we listened to stories of the two, and how all their friends admired their relationship and how they knew it was an example of a proper dating relationship, none of us could not cry. To top it off, we got to see the most beautiful sunset, and despite all the wind, and some rain, with a little bit of troubles (i mean ya know..) we got the lantern lit and watched it fly away just the three of us (i am always with you ;)).. okay we watched it struggle because of the wind, but it eventually blew away. I promise you want to see these photos, esepcially keep an eye out for the bridal party, they were a FUN and goofy one!!

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Hailey Pierce