Week in Palm Springs, Ca

Instagram, the app we all have a love and hate relationship with. I love it for the simple reasons of friendships. If it were not for the app I would not have met the big group of people I got to spend a week in Palm Springs, California with. We had a group of about 16 photographers all meet up in Palm Springs and stay at a house, where we got to relax, stress free from the work zone, take pictures of hot couples for fun and play, rather than just for work, and where we laughed til we cried. We had a drag show one night, which let me tell you, is an experience EVERYONE needs to have. We all got our butt’s kicked in a game of King’s cup one night, and one night we explored Joshua Tree National Park until the sun went down. This is where I learned that everything is Joshua Tree is sharp, even the things that look soft, will stick and poke you and make you bleed, but it is one of the MOST beautiful places I have ever seen. Here is a compilation of some of my favorite photos from the week in palm springs! The photos of me and viet were taken by the amazing @nickplusdanee and the underwater photo of myself was taken by the ever so beautiful and talented @shanstclair