Surprise Proposal I Kelly Jo + Justin

So here is a little story for all of you sappy lovers out there! 

I have the honor of working with this sweet girl, Kelly Jo, and I have been dying to do photos of her and her boyfriend but I ALWAYS ask her when I get to do their engagement photos, and EVERY time she would answer "It will be a while before that happens". Well about two weeks ago we planned to do a shoot for her and her boyfriend on Sunday, so she bought a new dress and decided to make the most of it! 

Well I pull into her driveway and am greeted by her mother and her brother who told me that Justin was actually proposing during the photos and wanted me to know so that I could find the perfect location! Well luckily, when I met up with Kelly Jo and Justin, Kelly jo had to go put her horse in a different field and it gave Justin and I time to strategize! So we planned and came up with the idea of finding the perfect spot and then having them dance, and when he spun her around he would be down on one knee!

So a while into exploring and shooting, we came into this huge open beautiful field, and I just knew it was perfect, so I had them dance, and a few spins into it he drops to one knee, and Kelly Jo thought it was a joke! Her first words being "are you serious?! Is this a joke?!" and then an immediate YES followed by tackling him on the ground with hugs! 

Wanna know the funniest part? Earlier that day Kelly Jo told her mom that she was gonna make Justin FAKE propose to throw everyone off! Needless to say the rest of the day Kelly Jo was nothing but jumps and smiles and staring down at her beautiful new ring. 

Now ready for a tear jerker?! After putting the ring on, he told her to take it off and look inside of it! Her mother who engraves things, had engraved a heart and their initials into the band of the ring and tears came into Kelly Jo's eyes. I was already crying by this point, but this did it for me. The tears were full on. 

I am so unbelievably happy for these two and am so beyond thankful I was able to capture this special moment for them! Scroll through to see the events that took place on their big day!