Alexis + Jasen | Couples

Who knew a social media app such as Instagram could connect you with such cool people?! 

I was on the search for a couple in Portland, Oregon to shoot with for my upcoming trip out there and I somehow stumbled upon Alexis on instagram, so of course I reached out! Turns out her and her fiance had recently moved to Georgia. well, guess what?! They just so happened to have moved to my hometown in Georgia! So of course we set up a shoot for over Thanksgiving break.

We started the afternoon off with some fresh made french press coffee by Jasen himself, followed by some of their favorite red wine! We laughed and hung out in the kitchen, just doing what they do every morning! We then put on some different clothes and headed out to dodge some cows and find an opening in her dad's field out back to enjoy the sun for a little while! 

These two have a vibrant love like no other! It is obvious they truly are meant to be together and care like no other, they also are two of the realist people you will ever meet and down to earth in every way! 

Hailey Pierce