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We knew we wanted to invest in someone who was not only talented, but also has a genuine spirit. Hailey had both of these qualities

Katelyn Sandy

The quirkiness and uniqueness of your love story is what i am gonna capture, like or not.

so let me be your friend, not your vendor.

My junior year of high school my papa passed away and three months later my close friend passed away as well. i found myself always holding onto and looking at pictures i had of me with them or even just them alone. and i realized pictures could freeze a moment in time and allow us to go back to that moment over and over again. and thats one reason pictures are such an important part of my life.


this is me and my papa. this is why photos do not ever die. the memories will never fade away, and they will only gain more value as time goes on.

but I am also a human. with a story of my own. a love of my own. my own support system and my own family and friends who push me towards my dreams and keep my inspiration at an all time high. so i also understand your stories, i get that life is tough. but i also know how special photos can be to you, because that is how special they are to me!

scroll through below to see the important man in my life, who keeps me motivated, always supports and encourages me and who thrives on mcdonalds and taco bell just as much as i do ;)

Who I am.

I’m a destination wedding photographer based out of the small and quiet and simply beautiful city of LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA. But besides that, I am a girl who loves hiking, scuba diving, eating Chick-fil-a French fries, watching Game of thrones (team Snow all the way) and staying up until 3am laughing alone at Liza Koshy YouTube videos. I love spending almost every day and all day with my adorable husky pup, Daisy Mae. Tacos and fruit roll ups are my love language. I also have a deep love for hayley williams (like all things hales) and LOTR (i can do an amazing impression of one of the characters, so ask me to do it at your shoot if you love lotr).

I think hayley williams said it best when she said 'i don't have to wonder at all because after all this time i'm still into you' because this is how i want you to feel when you look at your photos years from now. 

I do not want to pose you to look like you simply took a pretty picture, rather I want to create moments you will see 20 years from now and still feel the emotion from that exact moment.  I want you to feel comfortable- as though I was your best friend, capturing you on your wedding day or joining you on your typical Saturday night in. I promise i am really good at board games and can make some mean hot cocoa. 

The in-between moments, the moments you may not even realize you want captured; the raw moments of tears and laughter, awkward and terrible dance moves, sweaty nervous hands, those are the moments that I want to capture for you. Whether it is you and your groom doing a synchronized break dance, or your best friend and you taking a selfie, or you and your dad having a private moment before walking down the isle, those moments are what put tears in my own eyes. 

But apart from capturing your story, I want to know who you are and what your story is. I want to know how you spend your Sunday afternoons, what music you listen to on a long road trip, what your favorite go to snack is, all the imperfections and perfections. I want to become friends, so that you remember your photos as an experience- a moment in time you would redo on a daily basis.

I want to hear your story and be able to capture your story perfectly and uniquely to suite you. Let's jam to music together, make terrible jokes, explore new places and become friends. 

Let’s adventure together and get to know one another as we create your story through photos.

These are a few of my favorite things. Taylor + daisy mae will most definitely be brought up in our conversations, and you probably will be meeting them as well. sorry not sorry